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4.5 / 5

perustuen 4 227 arvosteluun

Such a beautiful place! Take coins with you since the toilets costs from 0,5€-1€. We arrived early enough to get good spots before the beach was full. Our guide was very lovely and she told stories about the history of Crete!

Trip was very nice. Very challenging! Be aware that if you do finish the gorge fast you should be prepared to wait at the docks for quite a while. I finished around 13.30 and the boat back to the bus didn’t leave until 17.30.

The whole trip went just fine! We were almost firs in the gorge, so it was not overgrowdid. The busdriver Apostolis was fantastic, he knows how to drive fast and safely.

Elafonissi-ranta itsessään oli vähän tylsä, mutta vuoristokierros bussilla korvas kaiken! Pelotti kyllä välillä ihan urakalla, mutta oli kyllä sen arvosta!

It was a nice trip to the green country side and visiting both oilmanufactory and two wineries.