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The reasons to book with us: our Dracula Tours and Halloween with masquerade party included were placed as a Top 10 Must-Do Adventure by Fodor's Travel Guide and our Ritual Killing of a Living Dead event was featured on Travel Channel. You’ll have a complete picture of the country and explore the most significant sights related to Vlad the Impaler, cover the folkloric aspects of the Dracula legend and enjoy unique events meant to bring out the essence of the genuine Transylvanian Folklore. You can relax in inviting accommodations that will introduce you to the local atmosphere, from outstanding medieval hotels described by many of our guests as "medieval fantasies with beds" to charming guesthouses located in picturesque Transylvanian villages There are mouth-watering traditional dishes in each area visited Our knowledgeable, professionally trained English speaking guides are excellent travel companions, who are aware of how much the success of your trip depends upon their communication skills and sense of humour. Our Dracula tours are intended for Transylvania lovers, culture and history fans, adventure seekers and Dracula enthusiasts so you’ll always find a good reason to travel with us You can choose different lengths of programmes depending on your schedule, from a single day to 17 wonderful days Benefits from Transylvania Live services: 1. An authentic experience 2. A unique sense of place 3. Exploration and discovery Competitive advantage Here’s how Professor Duncan Light from Liverpool Hope University describes us: "Your company is one of the few that understands the Western market for Dracula. Your product appears to be very innovative! For many Romanians Dracula means Vlad Tepes but for people from the UK, America etc. it means of course the vampire Dracula. I agree with those people who say that Dracula is a way to get foreign tourists into Romania creating an opportunity to show them all the other things the country can offer." Our promise: Beside offering you the best value for money, our main goal is to provide you with a genuine and unique Transylvanian experience, familiarise yourself with ancient customs and traditions, make the acquaintance of craftsmen and local artists, and get a better understanding of the geography and history of areas visited. We can only succeed if we achieve our goals and therefore we will do everything in our power to make your trip a memorable, exciting experience. Press about us Our Dracula Tours were placed by the prestigious Fodor’s Travel Guide in Top Ten Must-Do Adventures. Important world wide media organizations, such as Travel Channel, took an interest in our special events and featured them in documentaries about Transylvania ’s folklore and legends. Our tours caught the attention of other media organisations such us: Chicago Tribune, Men’s Journal, Los Angeles Times from USA, BBC, The Sun, Daily Mirror, Paul O’Grady Show, Living TV from UK, Irish Independent, Tubridy Tonight Show from Ireland and Canadian Biker.

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